An exterior photo of a lovely two story home.

What Adds Value to a Home Appraisal in Florida?

The home appraisal is the home’s estimated value as determined by a licensed appraiser. The appraiser considers the property being appraised as well as the price of similar recently sold homes in the area when calculating a home’s appraisal value. Ways to Improve Your Home’s Appraisal Value in Florida The following actions may help you…

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A picture of a small home with keys in front of it

Post Occupancy in Florida – Pitfalls Buyers Should Know About

After closing, you start moving your stuff in and getting ready to spend the first night in your new home…right? Not always. Sometimes sellers need to stay in their home for a bit longer after closing. This is called post-occupancy. A post-occupancy agreement might be part of the initial contract, or it’s negotiated after the…

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The exterior of a nice two-story home

Final Walk-Through When Sellers Haven’t Moved Out

Should I Perform a Final Walk-Through When the Sellers Haven’t Moved Out Yet? Final walk-throughs are a must, regardless of whether the seller has moved out yet or not. You need to confirm that the home is in the same condition as it was when you made your offer. And, you need to confirm that…

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Earnest Money Deposit vs Down Payment

When buying a home, you’re sure to hear a number of new terms from your lender and your realtor. Two important ones to make note of are the down payment and earnest money deposit. Both involve cash that you’ve saved up to put toward the purchase of your home. You can think of a down…

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a house for sale

What is a Seller’s Property Disclosure?

In Florida, sellers must disclose any conditions or facts about the house or property they are selling that impact its value or desirability. The seller’s property disclosure is a form used for sellers to disclose all material information about the home they are selling. In Florida, sellers must disclose any conditions or facts about the…

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A home ready to be shown to buyers

Home Buying Etiquette – 13 Rules to Follow

Having good home buying etiquette is critical for buyers.  You do not want to be in a situation where you love a home, but the sellers did not love the way you behaved in their home. When looking at homes to buy, here are a few rules that you should follow to show respect to…

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A single family home in an HOA community in Florida

HOA Fees in Florida

When evaluating your budget for purchasing a home in Florida, you need to account for more than just a monthly mortgage payment. Florida homeowners incur other expenses too, like utilities, real estate taxes, and, in many cases, HOA fees. Below, we’re going to look at exactly what homeowner association fees are, what they cover, and…

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a beautiful modern home for sale

What is DOM in Real Estate?

In real estate, DOM stands for Days on Market. It’s the length of time that a house has been on the market (a.k.a listed for sale). The number of days on the market directly affects the sales price of the home, so it’s a number that home buyers and sellers should pay attention to. Below,…

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a group of kids listening to their teacher in middleschool

How Are Florida Public Schools?

If you’re moving with kids or moving into the home where you plan to start your family, school districts are probably at the top of your mind. In Florida, you have a lot of options. Florida is a large state with a lot of variance between top schools and underperforming schools.  Palm Beach County is…

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A top down view of the beach in palm beach county

Moving to Palm Beach County in South Florida? What You Should Know

Palm Beach County is the third-most populous county in Florida and the 25th most populous county in the United States. It’s home to gorgeous beaches, exciting nightlife, captivating nature sights, excellent schools, and ample job opportunities. So, it’s no surprise if you’re thinking of moving here. Of course, before you do, there are a few…

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