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How Are Florida Public Schools?

If you’re moving with kids or moving into the home where you plan to start your family, school districts are probably at the top of your mind. In Florida, you have a lot of options. Florida is a large state with a lot of variance between top schools and underperforming schools.  Palm Beach County is…

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What to Look for in a Realtor

Any real estate agent could help you buy or sell a home. But not every agent has the knowledge or skills to handle things when transactions get difficult. You need a good realtor who can successfully negotiate with the other side, understand the contract and how it works, and finalize a deal so that you…

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Relocating To a New City with Kids: How to Beat the Moving Blues

Moving to a new city is an exciting prospect for the whole family. You may be moving due to a new job, to be closer to family or simply to enjoy a new adventure as a family. 63% of Americans have moved at least once in their lifetimes and many of us move while our…

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