The Advantages Of Buying a New Construction Home in Florida

The Advantages Of Buying a New Construction Home in Florida

If you are one of the many Americans in the market for a new home, there are different options available to you in terms of how you can plan to go about making this life-changing purchase.

Although purchasing a used home can be beneficial in some ways, there are many more advantages associated with purchasing a new construction home. Simply put, a new build can fulfill your desire of having a home that suits your personal taste while remaining an affordable investment.

What Is a New Construction Home?

A new construction home sounds exactly like it is. These homes are usually fully developed from the foundation to the roof, meaning they have a completed layout that has a functional kitchen, installed flooring, and finished bathrooms. .  Best of all, these homes come ready to be moved into! You won’t be left to deal with a fixer-upper that’ll tear through your savings, and you’ll love the ease of settling in.

That being said, some new construction homes on the market aren’t yet complete. What does this mean for you? It means you’ll be able to pick some aspects of the interior design elements for your home that’ll be installed before your move-in date, allowing you the ability to incorporate some of your personal taste into the fabric of the aesthetic of your home. At SquareFoot, we help break the traditional mold of finding, buying, and owning real estate, and if you’re interested in purchasing a new construction home in Florida, we are ready to make your dream come true.

As if that’s not enough, there are many other perks to purchasing this type of home! Here is a shortlist of some of the

Benefits Associated With Purchasing a New Construction Home in Florida

1. Lower Cost of Maintenance

One of the biggest concerns surrounding purchasing a used or resale home is the amount of time, money, and energy that you will have to put into maintaining different facets of your home from the moment you move in. The good news? New construction homes present the advantage of not having to deal with serious repairs after moving in, usually for a number of years after it’s been purchased. This means that you can rest easy because the big maintenance bills are likely to stay at bay for a good long while.

Here’s why: You’ve got a brand new home. This means new appliances, new heating, and cooling systems, new plumbing, new insulation, new roofing, new everything! There’s little room for worry when everything sparkles with newness, and even if something out of the ordinary occurs, you’re covered.

How you say? Well, warranties of course.

2. New Home Warranties

Many new construction homes come with the advantage of having a new home warranty. These warranties start with a validity length of a year from the date of purchase, but many of these warranties last much longer. What’s so great about this? You’ll be protected!

These warranties are valuable in the event that some aspect of your new construction home is met with a costly challenge. Having to fix a busted air conditioning system in the dead of a Florida summer just six months after purchasing your new home won’t come out of your pocket. The burden of dealing with costs similar to this won’t cross your mind with a new home warranty at your back.

But wait, that’s not all!

3. Efficient Use of Energy

In this era of green living and the ever-growing ability to reduce our carbon footprints, new construction homes are utilizing technological advancements and materials that are built for energetic efficiency. How does this help you?

By allowing you to save on your energy bills yearly and giving you the comforting knowledge that you are supporting the environment by being mindful of your home’s energy efficiency. Talking to your builder can help you determine ways that you can upgrade different materials, appliances and fixtures like lightbulbs and thermostats to make your home the most energy-efficient. If you’re interested in having a home that is built to last and is modernized in the right way, buying a new construction home is an excellent place to start.

In case you’re asking yourself what ways you can make energy-efficient upgrades affordable; you should know about financing your home!

4. Easier Financing

When it comes to the brass tacks of purchasing your new construction home, you may be wondering what you can do to settle the necessary money matters with ease. What’s the best way? By embracing the advantages that individuals desirous of becoming new construction homeowners, like yourself, have available to them.

One of the greatest perks of purchasing a new construction home is that there are a lot of mortgage financing options that you can take advantage of. Some of these options may come through your builder, who in most cases has a lender that they work with to create special pricing for buyers of their new build homes.

Saving Money by Buying New Construction

If you are considering buying a new construction home in Florida, we have a great incentive program that offers 1% back of the total purchase price at closing.  This rebate is paid directly to our clients as a credit on the closing statement.  There is no fine print.  If we represent you as the buyers’ agent on a new construction home, SquareFootHomes will provide the closing credit, it’s as simple as that.  Give us a call at (561)421-3211, or contact us here to learn more.  The home buying process in Florida is pretty straight forward, and new construction makes it even easier.

The Final Act: Creating Community

One of the greatest parts of becoming a new construction homeowner is the ability to grow with your community. Consider this: every one that moves into a community of new construction homes gets to start this new journey alongside other families who are doing the same. This creates a special bond between yourself and your neighbors, opening the door to endless possibilities to develop a strong, connected, and friendly neighborhood.

With all the available perks and the ability to thrive in your new community, could you ask for more?

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