Do Hurricane Shutters Increase a Home’s Value in Florida?

Do Hurricane Shutters Increase a Home’s Value in Florida?

This article explains why storm shutters are likely to increase the value of your home.

Florida may offer sunshine and warmth, but this state is also no stranger to hurricanes. According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, 38 percent of all U.S. hurricanes have hit Florida. Hurricane shutters can protect your home against hurricanes and tropical storms, and they can increase a home’s value in Florida, too.

Below, we’ll explore hurricane shutters more in-depth, including their many benefits and why they increase your home’s value.

Why Do Hurricane Shutters Increase a Home’s Value in Florida?

Hurricane shutters increase a home’s value in the eyes of an appraiser and a buyer. Homes with hurricane shutters receive higher appraisal values than homes without. That means you can justify selling your home for more than you could if it didn’t have hurricane shutters.

In a state where hurricanes and tropical storms are expected, hurricane shutters are also a must-have feature for many buyers. And, buyers are willing to pay more for that feature. If hurricane shutters are already installed, it’s one less expense and hassle a buyer needs to take on.

To better understand why hurricane shutters increase a home’s value, let’s explore the many benefits of hurricane shutters.

Keep Your Belongings & Family Protected

Without shutters, a home’s windows could easily shatter, causing extreme winds, debris, and flying objects to enter your home. This can not only destroy your belongings and your home’s interior, but it can also endanger the lives of those sheltering inside. Hurricane shutters can withstand up to category 5 hurricanes, helping to keep everyone and everything inside safe.

Protect Glass Windows & Screens

Hurricane shutters help prevent a home’s glass windows and screens from breaking. Considering the average cost of replacing a single-window is $850, but the average cost of hurricane shutters is only $497.50, investing in shutters is a smart move.

Enhance Your Home’s Security

The areas of your home that are vulnerable to high winds are also vulnerable to intruders. Certain types of hurricane shutters, such as roll-down storm shutters, cover and lock over your windows and doors. They keep out wind, flying debris, and can keep intruders out of your home.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Certain storm shutters are as stylish as they are functional. Bahama shutters and colonial shutters both add storm protection while giving your home a distinct Caribbean or Southern style. Installing either type will give your home lots of curb appeal, which adds value.

Reduce the Cost of Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Home insurance companies offer wind mitigation discounts for homes with features like hurricane shutters. That’s an incentive buyers care about. The exact amount of the discount will vary. In general, the better the protection that’s offered by the type of hurricane shutter, the bigger the discount.

What are Hurricane Shutters?

Hurricane shutters, also called storm shutters, protect your home’s windows during a hurricane or tropical storm. They’re made from impact-resistant materials like aluminum, steel, or polycarbonate. And, all of the shutters’ materials and hardware undergo testing to ensure they’re hurricane resistant. Flying objects and debris hit the shutter, not the window, keeping the interior and exterior of your home free from damage.

Although you might typically think of shutters as just for windows, hurricane shutters can be installed over doors, patios, and lanais too.

Hurricane Shutter Styles

Hurricane shutters are available in a number of different types to meet every homeowner’s budget and style preferences.

  • Storm Panels: The most budget-friendly type, storm panels are simply corrugated steel, aluminum, or polycarbonate panels. They’re not permanently attached, but instead must be installed and uninstalled before and after a storm.
  • Clamshell Shutters: This permanent shutter type looks like a window awning but is made from impact-resistant aluminum. It remains in the open position until a storm approaches. Then, simply close and lock the shutters to protect your windows.
  • Accordion Shutters: Another permanent option, accordion shutters slide open and closed from left to right along a track. When not in use, they stay in place to the left or right of the door or window. This option is great for large openings like lanais or patios.
  • Roll Down Shutters: Roll-down shutters are permanently installed and slide open and closed vertically. You can find manual or automatic versions, but either is convenient.
  • Bahama Shutters: Great for protecting your home and enhancing its appearance, Bahama shutters have a tropical look. Their semi-open position helps with UV control and shade. Not for doors.
  • Colonial Shutters: A premium option, colonial shutters add Southern charm to your Florida home. These permanent shutters are made from impact-resistant aluminum and turn inward to cover your windows. Not for doors.

Impact Glass Increases Your Home’s Value Too

Hurricane shutters aren’t the only home feature that can lower your insurance costs and increase your home’s appraisal value. Impact glass is specially engineered glass that’s resistant to shattering, even when hit by flying objects during a storm or hurricane.

Impact glass offers many of the same benefits of hurricane shutters and more, including:

  • Protects possessions and people inside from storm debris, wind, and water
  • Safeguards your home against intruders
  • Can improve your home’s energy efficiency
  • Reduces outside noise
  • Reduces the cost of your homeowner’s insurance
  • Does not require any labor to put up or take down like shutters.

FAQs about Hurricane Shutters in Florida

Are hurricane shutters required in Florida?

According to the state’s building code, all new homes in Florida built after July 2001 are required to have either hurricane shutters or impact-resistant glass on all exterior openings. Counties have different requirements as to the grade of storm shutters and windows.

How much do hurricane shutters cost?

Buying and installing hurricane shutters to cover eight windows costs an average of $3,980. The typical range is $1,962 to $6,012.

Will hurricane shutters help me sell my home?

Yes, hurricane shutters are a must-have feature that many buyers look for when buying a home in Florida. Adding hurricane shutters to your house indicates to buyers that the home is safe, secure, and well-maintained.

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